Alison Weaver McDowell, founder of Washington D.C. Family, is a longtime Washington D.C. area resident who has navigated many facets of local life in varied roles - as a professional, avid outdoor enthusiast, mother of three boys, and partner in a dual British-American household.  


Like many people, professional life brought Alison to Washington D.C.  After working on a long-term wildlife conservation project in Central Africa, a job opportunity at National Geographic started Alison’s journey in the D.C. area in 1998.  Alison continued working at National Geographic for 6 years and spent most of her time focusing on story development and film production. 


In 2006 Alison and her husband Paul had their first son, and were catapulted into family life.  Over the years, Alison has been very involved with all the schools their 3 boys have attended.   She has served on Boards of Directors, spent countless hours in preschool classrooms, currently coordinates a monthly service project at Wood Acres Elementary and continues to fill various volunteer roles. 


After many years of networking and being intimately involved with her local community in Bethesda, MD, Alison decided to tap in to her entrepreneurial spirit in 2017 to create a network to assist families assigned to the D.C. and Montgomery County areas - to help with all the details beyond the physical move, so families can quickly integrate into their new community, and love where they live. 


Always enthusiastic about meeting people, Alison is adept at making connections and staying linked in with her local community, and looks forward to sharing her local knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm with you and your family.  

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